Who am I? - A life story

esplinGo is me and I am Gloria García Ordóñez. I was born in Cordoba and I am based on the Costa del Sol, feeling a citizen of the world and passionate about life and human beings.

I completed my degree in Hispanic Philology in my home town with enthusiasm and a clear pedagogical vocation. However I was not very excited about the education reality once I finished my studies, so I looked for other possibilities within those that I loved:  books and the publishing sector. As a consequence I did a Masters in Publishing in Madrid under the direction of the Santillana Group and the Salamanca University.

Working needs dragged me to more practical situations though, (hotel industry, real estate, cosmetics, golf courses) where my knowledge of English and my training as a philologist allowed me to fulfil roles related to communication and languages.

During the summer of 2006 my loving partner of five years passed away suddenly due to a brain aneurysm and somehow my world collapsed. Understanding that he was gone, coming to terms with his absence, learning how to take everything in, starting again without him… Today I can see that his death was my rebirth as it made me aware of the lethargy I was living in.

The search that followed the grief made me the person that I am right now and the things that I do with my time and my life. Today more than ever I can say that I am alive and really proud of myself.

So, who are you? What brought you here?