What is my driving force? - A mission

If you feel you cannot make it on your own, if it is too hard, don't worry, don't lose hope. I understand you, I can see myself reflected in you, I respect you and my mission is listening to you. I will walk that path with you, sharing that which was useful to me, helping you so your mourning process becomes lighter & more enriching. Do you think it is not possible? I promise you it is. I am living proof of it.

Living means accepting death as part of our reality but nobody teaches us how to do this. I can walk through that path with you.

The forces that drive my life are my values and beliefs:

  • Continuous learning and growth
  • Service to others
  • Communication
  • Human potential
  • Personal satisfaction as a key to happiness
  • Enthusiasm
  • Respect and understanding
  • Love as the utter truth

Experience taught me that personal development opens doors to fulfilment, awareness and satisfaction in many areas. Life and human beings to me are a holistic reality made of many interconnected parts which must be tuned if we want them to work at their highest performance and in harmony. The relationship that we hold with ourselves has consequences in our health, our professional life, in our personal relationships and in the way we perceive and understand our surroundings.

My mission is to share with others this truth that I genuinely believe in because that is where the key to our never ending search leads us: the pursuit of happiness. We do deserve to be happy and to have a rich life. In order to get it we must take control and lead ourselves by being able to see further, analysing who we are and what we want and moving forward to achieve it.

When I was looking for a specific niche within coaching to specialise in, I found out the areas that I was passionate about from the very beginning.