What is coaching for? - Usefulness

It does not matter who we are or what do we do for living. At some point in our lives we have all found ourselves at crossroads that we did not know how to solve, or facing doubts which we did not understand, or carrying a heavy burden. All this remains as part of our luggage. If we do not face it, polish it and free it then it will grow into a bigger and harder obstacle as time goes by.

I choose aiding those who are going through a mourning process, via one to one o group coaching sessions. Grief is only a phase. The pain is there to tell us something, to teach us. We must feel it, discover what it is that it is trying to tell us, accept it and then let it go in order to achieve liberation & access to a deeper and more fulfilled stage of life.

Some other examples of goals that can be achieved through coaching:

  • Overcoming personal or professional crisis or challenges
  • Redesigning a career path
  • Eliminating bad habits
  • Implementing an effective time management formula
  • Improving communication skills
  • Building solid relationships
  • Reinforcing or raising your self-esteem…

Don't we all want to change or improve some aspects of ourselves? But even when feeling able and clever enough to do it, we do not know how?

What would you like to improve or change?