What is coaching? - Identity

Coaching is a personal training technique, an accompanying process. Throughout this process the coach (or professional) works with the coachee (or client) helping them to reach their goals, aiding them to get the best of themselves.

Through a coaching process you will become more aware of your abilities, developing those that boost you and changing the ones that are limiting you.  

There is a quote by Socrates that reveals perfectly well the role of a coach: “I cannot teach you anything. I can only help you to find the knowledge within yourself, which is much more than passing on my little bit of wisdom”.

A coaching process is also a communication process, firstly between the client with their coach and as a consequence, between the client and their inner self.

Here you have two essential definitions of coaching:

"Coaching is about helping people to think by themselves, finding their own answers, unlocking their potential to maximise their performance in order to achieve their personal and professional goals”.
Sir John Whitmore, founder of coaching. 

"The coach is neither a teacher, an adviser, a mentor nor a therapist. The coach facilitates the creation of new spaces to design conversations that generate future, promoting learning experiences that the coachee (client) cannot fulfil on their own".
Lidia Muradep, pioneer of coaching in Argentina.
So, what do you want to achieve?