What is coaching about? - Methodology

Coaching is a discipline that manages, facilitates and generates changes. But it only works when the person that starts the coaching process is motivated and committed. According to that, the keys for coaching are:

  • awareness
  • responsibility
  • self confidence
  • commitmentself confidence

Those are the essential ingredients for change.  

One to one sessions (life and executive coaching) are between 60 and 90 minutes long. Sessions with two or more people (group coaching, team coaching) last normally over two hours. The length of a coaching process varies depending on the goal that the client wants to achieve and the frequency of the sessions. As a guide, the average coaching process could be between three and ten sessions or between three and nine months.

There is nothing special to be done during your sessions. We are simply going to talk, listen and be honest. Our communication will be created around questions related to what worries you, or around that aspect that you want to change, improve or achieve. As your coach, I will suggest tools and exercises that can generate answers and we will always work from your inner potential, your skills and your needs. That communication process will lead into thinking and you will end up designing your very own action plan at the end of each session. This must be realistic, reachable, clear and specific according to your reality. You will establish in it those specific tasks that you will fulfil by specific dates and that will result in your main goal achievement.

Like any other professional, each coach has her own style based on her personal experience, training and motivations. With all those ingredients we built the formula that identifies us, the one that we bring into our professional practice. Each client also has a way to feel and express himself, so the key is to find the right person for each individual. That’s why I like to offer the first session for free, so we have a chance to meet and realise if we connect, if we can work together. During that session I can also answer all your queries so you can make the decision by having all the information needed. 

In my sessions I make use of my knowledge & experience as a yogi & meditation practitioner since 2003, my love for language & literature, my holistic vision of the human being (we are body, mind & emotion, all inter-connected & inter-related), my learning as a public speaker (active member of Toastmasters International since 2011 and president of Málaga PTA Toastmasters club from 2013). All that together with coaching tools & principles and with a systemic perspective.

The sessions can be face-to-face if you are in the Costa del Sol or in Córdoba, via Skype or through the phone (the mobile number showing in this website). When there is motivation to move forward & enthusiasm to reach your goal, there are no barriers whatsoever.


So, what is your goal?