I thank immensely all my clients friends for their bravery, generosity and commitment during their processes. You all know how proud I am of yourselves and how fond I am of you all. Thank you so much for your testimonies, from the bottom of my heart.

(For confidentiality reasons I've just noted your initials. If you wish your full name to be shown, let me know).

“From my experience I can say that coaching has helped me to be more consistent with myself and my inner me, giving me a chance, listening to it and giving it the attention that it deserves. The translation of all this is more satisfaction, motivation and trust, and as a consequence, more happiness. It helped me to be conscious of the responsibility over our thoughts and actions as they shape our life. It also gave me the necessary tools to develop this work. Sometimes it is hard to go for my goals, to act and overcome obstacles as we are actually our own obstacles. Coaching is a guide and an important support in any path we might decide to walk.
This might feel like an advert but I cannot be objective. This is how I feel it, from my heart…” A.N
“First thing I’ve reached through coaching was facing the fact that I had a problem and that I wanted to overcome it. By working with a professional and talking about it seriously, I’ve given myself the chance to reach what I wanted.
During the coaching sessions I’ve discovered a real treasure: the capacity to use my very own tools, those that I already had, and that I am not dependant on anyone to use them on my behalf (or to my benefit). I am the only one responsible for that and able to face my problems and actually solve them!
Through Gloria’s questions I was generating answers in the shape of possible changes, ways of acting, commitments I wanted to make, and all these happened in a very easy way, without any pressures, naturally. It was not easy though as I was facing my fears and this is always tough. But I managed to overcome them, at least some of them, and then I felt more capable, lighter, full of strength to face any challenge on my own. The great truth that has been revealed to me through my coaching process is that I am able to do it, I just have to take action and the obstacle will be left behind so I will reach happiness.
I keep repeating that sentence to myself. Sometimes it does not sink in but I keep repeating it, thinking about it and remembering the sensation I had when I managed to achieve things by using it and straight away I feel full of energy to start working on the next challenge.
All is up to me and my actions, it is my responsibility and I have the skills. We all have them, we just have to believe it” A.E
“Here I am again, travelling towards the destination I chose eight months ago. However today I am unafraid, determined and happy. I am proud of myself for being able to make a decision that seemed so hard, proud for being brave and giving to myself the change that I wanted and needed so badly. I knew what my goal was but coaching helped me to see it with more clarity, to know myself and to love me. Thanks to Gloria for giving us this tool and for offering it to us. Thanks for your intelligence to develop it” A.A