I thank immensely all my clients friends for their bravery, generosity and commitment during their processes. You all know how proud I am of yourselves and how fond I am of you all. Thank you so much for your testimonies, from the bottom of my heart.

(For confidentiality reasons I've just noted your initials. If you wish your full name to be shown, let me know).

“The coaching process is a sincere conversation with yourself, with your inner self. It is a way to connect with your essence.
Through questions you get to stand up facing that mirror that we all dread because it gives us back a real view of what we are.
I looked for a coach at a period when I was going through a professional change. I was feeling lost, confused and I committed to coaching as a way to know me better and to make the best decision for myself.
It was hard at first to get used to the questions and answers dynamic. But by being sincere I started to free myself of psychological barriers and the answers were coming to me naturally. It felt like my subconscious mind was talking by itself.
Those answers became specific actions that I was choosing in order to reach what I wanted. They were the consequences of my personal commitment.
Then the “magic” appeared. I started to feel free because I was acting according to my very own nature. Finally I was listening to it and taking it into account.
There were not drastic solutions at all but small actions that were building a free path where I was feeling comfortable, I was feeling myself.
Some advice: the only way to get results is to be honest and to commit with yourself” R.A.
“Life Coaching with Gloria has been a life changing experience for me which went far beyond my expectations. For years I had been stuck in a stressful job which I didn’t like and, though it was clear to me that I had to change my career, fear of financial insecurity and lack of confidence prevented me from making the step in the right direction.
Coaching with Gloria allowed me to figure out how I could combine my interests and education to have a career that I’d love. I have always wanted to have my own business and do something that I’d really enjoy. Our coaching sessions gave me the inspiration and tools to explore the possibility of having my own business and the confirmation that I can make it work. Though my goals and ways to achieve them have changed along the way, we managed to identify what I really wanted to do with my life. Each session added focus and clarity of mind and inspiration to continue moving forward. Gloria’s excellent listening skills, thought provoking questioning and well designed exercises helped me to dive deep into myself and tackle some sensitive identity and relationship issues which had to be resolved before I could succeed with my new life action plan. A few months of coaching have brought about an amazing transformation in my personality which I couldn’t have achieved without Gloria’s gentle guidance and support. I can’t thank her enough and would recommend her coaching to anyone who is going through any difficult or critical life situation. She helped me make my dreams come true!” E.P
“Gloria helped me loads at a very stressful and not very comforting time of my life: a job dismissal and the search for the following job. She guided me through a very useful focusing and personal learning process which allowed me to achieve what I wanted: a new job and the subsequent stability. I have also increased my self-confidence and my faith in what I am able to do if I really go for it. This coaching thing is really priceless!” S.B
“Gloria has been a key element in the personal development process that I am going through. Thanks to her joy, vitality, sweetness, enthusiasm, optimism and especially her huge heart, she was able to communicate many of those qualities so I could reach them myself, or at least some of them. Gloria has been an important factor for me to become someone that believes more in human beings and in people’s kindness, so now I can act without creating any barriers or shields which were hiding the real me. She has been like a mirror that I could see myself in to get the best out of me. Meeting her has been a tipping point in my life. I have changed. I am still changing for the better I think or at least that is what I feel. Having Gloria as a guide, as a mirror, as a partner, is a luxury that I am sure many other people will be able to appreciate” J.Q