The support network

We are not isolated creatures playing a separate role. Everything that each of us does or says has an impact and affects the others around, whether they are human beings, animals, plants or even objects.

If we talk about living beings in general there is no gap between us, no separation whatsoever. We are linked, united, sharing this current moment right here, right now. If we just refer to human beings, it doesn’t matter how much effort many of us dedicate to convince the rest that we are all different, belonging to different races, continents, countries or religions. We are just the same thing, the same energy in motion, formed by the same type of cells. Our skin is always flexible & our blood looks dark red. We need the water & the air to exist. We all have a purpose in life and follow a path to fulfil it. We strive for better opportunities & hold feelings deep inside that drive us in one
direction or another.  

We are one. And because of that I can feel empathy & enjoy your success or beauty, whether your skin is black, yellow or white. If you suffer in Japan I can feel your struggling. If you laugh with joy in New Zealand I can smile with you too. If you sing an old traditional song from your homeland & play instruments that I’ve never seen or heard before, I can still feel the rhythm pounding inside of me. If you speak in a language that sounds foreign to me, I could be able to understand if you are annoyed, frustrated or overwhelmed by happiness.

Within this oneness we are simply pieces of the same puzzle. All of them are necessary to create the whole picture. So I rely on you & you can also rely on me. I do my bit trusting that you will do yours so this whole mechanism keeps rolling, fulfilling its purpose.

Sometimes I will need help because I cannot do everything by myself. Then I will come to you looking for knowledge, support, strength, supervision or advice. Through that help that you provide me with, our link becomes stronger, just as we do too. Living is a constant feeding process, so, the more I give, the better I become. The more you share with me, the better you help me become. With each one of your helping actions I get wiser, stronger, cleverer, or more patient. After every time I give you my help you turn into someone more able too. We are perfect as we are, all complete. But when joined together we are simply elevating ourselves higher, growing into superior beings.

That’s why I look for a partner with great qualities who makes me see life from a wider perspective. That’s the reason to embrace friendships that bring in brighter colours & ideas or to work for a boss with a giant vision who can take mine miles away from my sight.

I love & admire all these people for many different reasons. My life was ok without them but since I met them I want them around whatever happens. I will not relinquish their presence & wonderful gifts but at the same time I strive to do my best so I can pay it forward. I want to be great for them just as they are the best for me. I look after them, I am around, present. I think of them always & let them know I am here for them. And our chain grows longer & stronger every single day.

I could not be me without all these beautiful souls. I feel blessed for having them around. Some of them are physically very close while others are miles away. I meet some of them quite often & it might take years to see others. There are some very famous ones and it will be nearly impossible to meet them at all, but they still inspire me or help me with their words, music or looks. Some are not alive anymore, however they are not gone & their spirit & drive still stand up straight as a firm lighthouse for me.

How could I possibly feel lonely ever when I am lucky enough to have all that beauty around me? How on earth can I be anything but the best version of me to pay back all the joy they provide me with on a daily basis? Well, I confess, that’s my trick: whenever I feel down I don’t let myself stay absorbed for too long by that feeling. I give it its space but afterwards I think about my people, my treasure, and I stand up tall again to honour the amazing gift they offer me every single minute of their lives.