Some things never become old fashioned. Actually they rule the world because they set their roots deep within the human soul, in the emotion, with the feelings, right at the engine organ: the heart. What is done with and from the heart & the emotion lasts, remains and becomes stronger, even at critical times and bears juicy and non perishable fruits.   

I have a very good friend from childhood. She is married, mother of two beautiful girls. She is pleased to be fully dedicated to raising her kids and to look after her home and husband. She is a loving & dedicated mum, excellent housewife and unconditional partner. This friend told me once that she understands a couple as a partnership company. The more I think about it, the more I like the idea: couple = company. Distribution of roles, duties and tasks. Shared and agreed responsabilities. Effective, efficient and constant communication. Joint decision making and conflicts resolution. Respect and dedication. Creativity and committment. Love and devotion.

Too many company owners have sacrificed their employees’ wellbeing to the financial profit. Governments use complicated linguistic games to make us believe that they are working towards the conquest of wellness. The truth is that they really don't care about the common welfare but their actions are mainly focused on individual profit or based on the profit of just a few but very powerful people. There are exceptions, of course. But it is useful to my aim today to look at the vast mayority.

In the other side parents, by nature, look after their children’s wellbeing, many of them even after the kids can look after themselves. Parents, as a general rule, do not spare any efforts or care, neither reduce the amount of attention. They are not tight and do not exploit their little ones. Parents look after their offspring, supporting them, being present, respecting their own space. With quite an effort sometimes they trust their kids and have great faith on their potential & possibilities. We can find exceptions to these as well, very sad ones & some with tragic consequences.

Leaving exceptions to one side, I wonder if companies in general would be more respectful, profitable and as a consequence, more successful from this perspective. In the same way, would couples improve their productivity, growth and projection by viewing themselves as a business model? In short: more heart and feelings in business and more creativity and patience in couples. At the end of the day I believe that both realities combine a few common factors: love, commitment, dedication and the wish to build a future together. Because in both sides joint forces & union are needed in order to exist & to grow.

Many of the couples & families that I know are already successful entrepreneurs in their respective partnerships, with a promising and fertile future ahead of them. The sparkles in their eyes, their smiles, the excitement and faith in their projects prove it and there is no financial crisis or markets’ fluctuations that can make that tumble. They take good care of it and if needed, they reinvent family’s economy, CV or holidays’ calendar. As long as the flame of love stays alive & burning, their projects will keep growing, becoming bigger & wider. Tough times will come but if they keep recognising each other and respecting the purpose that got them together, then the magic of life will keep doing its job.

It would be nice that governments & companies could turn their looks into love & family values so everyone’s shares could start uprising from now on. From there it would only be about continuing to manage the whole from that strong love root. There is the talent and also the future.