Pursuit of perfection

So here we are, us, human beings, always striving for a better job/relationship/home/car/diet/body/lifestyle… Willing to change ourselves into someone fancier, prettier, stronger, wiser, wealthier, more powerful… Believing that there is never enough, because nothing is enough, our whole world is not enough because there is always something higher/wider/more exciting to achieve.

It is healthy & valuable to have goals, dreams, mountain tops to reach. But, what if we knew, deep inside our hearts, that we are perfect just the way we are? What if we could feel the inner assurance that our role here is simply to be us? What if I am perfect within my human imperfection, with my rights & wrongs, with my faults & values, when I fall & also standing up?   

There are no mistakes or regrets, no competition to be part of. There is no need to compare myself with anybody else anymore. I am what I am. Someone who exists & belongs, who gives away & receives. A part of the whole, another piece, a tiny little one that adds a personal bit. A living being looking for balance & joy.

If my life is not a race, why would I consider myself fatter, shorter, poorer, less successful or more important than anyone else? If I accept myself the way I am, how could I stress for a cooler wardrobe, a more voluptuous pair of lips or a high-tech-last generation telephone? That’s not what I am. Those things are not who I am & I can free myself from the shallow layers if I choose to, if I truly want to see the real me hiding behind.

When connecting with my inner self everything else seems to step forward, making a click that brings it all into shape. So I start seeing my own balance from the distance, experiencing how it feels to be there, to live there every day. It might not make sense to anybody else and many will try to find twisted explanations to my change of direction. They will spend time & efforts trying to drag me back, building up mental formulations to justify a move which is intangible for them. They live their own reality, which is fine, and I have my very own one to, which it is also right. They don’t need to save me & there is no need for me to rescue them. We are just individual creatures being part of something bigger than us, and there are really no expectations above us other than live & let live.

How can we do it? Just be present & breathe. Every moment, all the time. "Breath is the bridge which connects life to consciousness, which unites your body to your thoughts." says Thich Nhat Hanh. Simple & complicated at once. Big & small. Nothing & all.

That’s the field & the land where I find my joy, balance, freedom & happiness. Just being who I am, always, all the time. Who else could I be?