I've got a Love

I’ve got a Love,

and he is tender like a silky caress, solid as a rock, all at once.

He has got a strong deep voice that delivers the most delicate words of affection.

His smile comes from the inside and it opens wide & free all over his genuine face.

I’ve got a Love,

and he knows how to listen, what to say, when to keep quiet.

He truly feels other’s happiness & suffers also for people’s misfortunes.

He takes his time to do things with dedication so results always come up at their best.

His hands show the tough experience, the sharp knowledge and are capable of creating the most exciting touches.

I’ve got a Love,

and I haven’t seen the limits of his generosity yet.

He strives for the best and always dreams to move boundaries a little bit further.

He is always willing to understand, to explore. He lives the present & dreams with a brighter future that he keeps building with every step he takes.

His thoughts are a lighthouse, his support a safe harbour, his arms a steady vessel, his feelings a powerful anchor.

I’ve got a Love,

and he’s got access to all the charts and the knowledge to decode their hidden secrets.

He runs through life with heart in hand and a compass by that heart, so getting lost is not an option & finding out becomes a constant reality.

He looks at the sun face to face, shaking hands with the wind, playing games with the sea, planning new routes with paths & roads.

His goal in life is to love & being loved, to be honest & happy and to give honesty & happiness away too.

I’ve got a Love,

and he is a gift to me.

On his very special day I wish him health, joy & peace of mind.

He deserves the best and I wish him every year to get more & more of it.


Happy birthday, my Love.

Another year together and many more to come ♥