It is all about kindness


Just think about it carefully. There is no need whatsoever to hurt anyone in any way, shape or form. Being kind is the most important thing for human beings. And it is free!! Whether I am making a claim, setting up an official complaint, arguing about something, expressing my opinion against other people's, training someone on a new subject or defending an idea, I can always choose kindness over any other attitude such as arrogance, anger, annoyance, harshness or pride.

I find it difficult to understand how some people still feel that being rough, harsh or hard on others will take them further or make them more efficient. How come? The end doesn’t justify the means, ever.  

Have you ever felt pushed, unfairly treated, ashamed by another person’s words or hurt because of the way someone talked to you or about you? How could they possibly help you by doing that? Have you actually done it to someone? What feelings did you have afterwards?

I used to be quite impatient & pretty harsh with some people in the past and when I think about it now I realise that after showing that sort of behaviour I was left with a sense of pride, maybe because I made my point or won the case, but also I could always sense a bitter taste deep inside me. On top of my own perceptions there were the other person’s feelings as well, which sometimes I didn’t consider but when I did I used to ask myself: ‘Was it worth it? Could I have done it in a nicer way?’

Today I know that it is only through soft touch, gentleness, love, care & dedication that the most beautiful flowers glow in all their glory. You can ask the constant gardener for his advice. Then you can give it a try yourself: act with kindness and check out your own feelings. Then pay attention to the people involved and to their feelings too.

I worked with someone once who taught me loads about people. Unfortunately the learning was not in a constructive way but through stress & anxiety. This person told me at some point that we were there to be feared and as a consequence, respected. For me, respect hasn’t ever been a consequence of fear but a fruit of tolerance & love. I am not in this world to be feared by anything or anyone. My aim is to be loved and to give love away. Some people say they do too but they don’t really know what that means. They react to things, attack with sharp words, and listen to others from their brains instead of from their hearts & souls.

I am just saying let's be kind and then harvest the fruit. It will be much more juicier & definitely sweeter!