Resolutions once again

Another calendar year gone. A new one just started. And once again here I am with all my dreams, goals & wishes, planning how to make them come true & willing to do what it takes to accomplish them all.

Things that I never said

‘Things that are not said are usually the most important’, says one of Isabel Coixet’s characters in her film Things I never told you.

It is really sad to think that we keep for ourselves those feelings or thoughts that truly mean the world to us just because we might let ourselves be driven by fears, then maybe lack of confidence, embarrassment, pride…

The things that are not said then become shadows that can grow darker inside and slowly begin taking over, until one day we might realise that the unsaid took place and became the host within ourselves.

A very dear friend & colleague that I love & admire once told meabout a very powerful tool called ‘letters of anger’. They become useful when we have a ‘ghost’ or fear, something or someone that makes our life hard, difficult or painful somehow, something that you cannot manage in the way you would like to. It could be an illness; a very difficult subject or exam that seems impossible to pass; a work colleague who makes things very tough for you; an apology that you could not express or that you deserved to receive but was not delivered; a relationship that finished and you never got to tell your truth...

The exercise is very simple: you write a letter to that person/illness/subject, your recipient, expressing through your writing all your feelings and ideas, releasing all that stuck energy that you were carrying around. Finally you close the ritual by burning those letters so the fire acts as a purifying element for those angry & frustrated feelings, disintegrating them forever within its flames (Pilar, my friend, I’ve shortened the ending to get to the point here).

I’ve not tried this tool myself but I can see the point of it. However, I can think of an exercise running parallel to this one but in the opposite direction: instead (or on top) of a letter of anger we can also write a ‘gratitude letter’. The purpose of this letter is to release & let go positive ‘luggage’ this time, and even make the recipient feel good about it. You can maybe explain how this person/thing makes a difference in your life, or what things you admire about them, or why you are so thankful to this person or thing, what their greatest qualities are or what makes you feel proud of them, for example.

The list can go on forever as the whole idea is to express how you love and appreciate them and how your life is better because they are or were in it.

You can write this type of letter at any time or for a special occasion (birthday, anniversary, recovery…). You can choose to keep it for yourself and you will benefit from the positive effect that it will have on you for sure. But if your gratitude letter is dedicated to a person you can also deliver it and enjoy not just your own satisfaction but also the huge positive impact on the recipient, especially if your letter comes at a time when this person needs it the most.

We should always say & share those very important things, even if we do it afterwards, maybe when we think it is already too late. It is never too late to get rid of a burden or to share the energy of a beautiful feeling. Who knows? You might end up writing a wonderful song or poem that will inspire and move people forever. It is worth trying, don’t you think so?



Releasing moons


Change is an unavoidable reality, the only constant & certain thing that exists in life. Change is not a fashion, neither a concept created by indignant people, civil servants, socialists, conservatives, trade unionists or popular instigators. Human beings are the product & result of changing, a consequence of evolution -human beings and any alive creature, and also technology, politics, economics, cinema, literature, gastronomy, leisure time, Formula 1,…

However, the need for change that goes beyond those limits and transcends it has become a reality these days. Many of us look for a deeper change that really means a transformation or a catharsis even. We want to take a quantum leap from an attitude that can be rebellious, reasoned, consistent or belligerent depending on each individual. There is a real need for a quality step forward, a general feeling laying within our globalised reality.

I have a theory which is not only mine. Luckily I share it with many others who mentioned it before. This theory states that the deep need for a change is the consequence of living too long turning our backs to our genuine and authentic nature. We gave up looking within to put the attention outside. We left behind our ancient being to focus on immediate pleasure. We took away space and importance from love & respect and instead we gave voice & vote to competitiveness and to that thought of ‘I must win whatever it might take and over anything and anyone’. We can only manage for a while doing that but it is impossible to keep living & creating eternally from that ruling society model. If I fight against the elements to protect my own interest and to increase my profits, even when I know that I am causing some level of damage to others, then I am digging my own grave or my children’s grave or my friends grandchildren’s grave even.

That’s how we reach the point where we are right now. Our system stinks, the ship is sinking and it doesn’t matter who is on the helm right now because the responsibility is not only theirs but also ours.

Getting angry doesn’t help me and I don’t like going there because it makes me feel bad. If something makes me feel bad then I know it is not good for me. That’s why I decide not to get angry and instead I decide to guess what is my responsibility within this great mess that we’ve created. I know where, when or with whom I made my mistakes. I know what I could do in a different way to obtain more ecological outcomes. I know what I can do from now on so the consequences of my actions become seeds of light, respect & love.

I am aware that some people think of me as a posing idealist naïve victim of optimism and that is fine. I am looking for my place just like they are looking for theirs. I am not here to please everyone, not even to always get along with my own way. My mission is to be me with all the consequences, being loyal to my essence & feelings, creating my own flow, failing when my learning history requires so and facing challenges whenever it is necessary in order to achieve a higher good. My mission is to make my own mistakes and to keep moving forward by using improved tactics & strategies. That’s how I build my living, sometimes slowly and sometimes at a fair pace. I choose the rhythm according to my inner cadence, which is connected with the Earth beat & with the whole Universe. I am an irreplaceable part of that and its needs me to be, because Life would still be life without me but then it would be something else.

We are all part of the same mechanism. We are all here to fulfil a mission in life. We are all super-heroes right in this historical moment that we are creating and reality challenges us every minute with a new adventure, with an obstacle to overcome or with a goal to reach.

However, some of the ‘delights’ established by this decrepit system of ours are to numb our sense of personal & general responsibility and to dull that inner beat that is connecting us with the original Source.

Coaching to me has been and still is a reconnection with that deep universal root that drives me to take control of my own life, being aware of my responsibility and what I can do. That’s actually what I am meant to pass on to people around me, my friends and family, my clients and any person I find on my way who is a potential catalyst for change.

Results are different depending on the recipient’s attitude and that’s ok as it is. However, there are many open hearts around who don’t know how or with which purpose because they don’t find the hand hold or don’t manage to see what is it that they can do from where they are. That deep doubt full of hope for a better world is the same one I felt one day and I still feel sometimes. That’s why I understand these people, I see myself in them and what I would love to share is that everything is fine as it is. I want to tell them that fear, doubts, instability and sadness are the result of them being disconnected and that we just have to go back to our Source to keep flowing. I would love to tell them that we are wonderful and perfect creatures with a mission to fulfil; that all the answers to all the questions lay within each of us; that we are strong, powerful, creative and kind by nature; that we are loving & light beings; that our action matters and has an impact in our lives first and in the whole Universe afterwards; that we are not separated from each other but linked.

That’s the genuine and true intention behind organising my first weekend workshop (in Spanish only this time) by myself, an experience that I wish to become a regular encounter because part of my mission is to keep on sharing & building up this message through the beautiful tools that I’ve discovered thanks to my training, readings, daily living, relationships with family, friends and clients. I do understand now that everything that happened to me, all the people and situations occurred, all the experiences and consequences I ended up with, have been part of my personal learning curve, the one that is meant to be lived just by me. That’s why it is so unique and unrepeatable.  

I’ve built this workshop with care, love & delicate attention. I’ve designed it according to my way of feeling, using those details that have a meaning to me. I let myself go by my inner voice to flow and to function without unnecessary effort. That’s how I want to bring to life every project that I become part of from now on, always listening to that rooted voice who knows simply because it is and it doesn’t look for mentions, awards or praise. I just want to be me, sharing the way I feel and think, connecting with those who sense my vibration, giving my love and my message away, receiving what others have for me through this eternal dialogue of giving for receiving and receiving for giving. That’s the pulse of the Universe.

And that’s the reason behind the name of the workshop: ‘Life immersion: diving into our own depths’. We must go to the deep in order to generate again the connection, to find ourselves and what we really are. That’s what I wish for myself, for all of you. For your own good, for my benefit and for the wellness of everything around us.

Our unique and limited team of life adventurers will meet the weekend of the 18th, 19th and 20th of August in a very special home located in Olías (Málaga). We will share feelings, doubts, emotions and experiences from freedom and respect, creating an energetic bubble that will go beyond our estates and results.

In this occasion it will be all in Spanish. If you want to become part of it we will be delighted to have you. This will be the very first of many encounters and actually, being the first one makes it truly special. It will be a beginning, a seed and I would love you to be there seeing it come to life.


I am also an artist!


A few weeks ago I discovered through a friend (thank you, Ángeles) the video that I am attaching here for you. It is a real anecdote, a wedding proposal, a love declaration not only from this lad to his lady but also from all the friends & family members that became part of the surprise. I am sure that a smile & a tear will come out when watching it :)

Watching this video and feeling the emotion that it generates, I was thinking about two main values for human beings: creativity & love.

Sometimes we feel that creativity is only related to professional artists, those who make a living out of it, who are able to come out with an unique piece just by making use of their knowledge and the materials they have. They could be painters, sculptors, musicians, designers, architects, chefs... However, it is possible to be creative without being part of one of these trades. We can be creative on a daily basis when we decorate our home, when we get a present for someone, when we cook or even when communicating with others. We can imprint our personal signature on every action, giving our very special touch, our love & dedication.

This is when the second part of our equation comes into place: love. There is a magical & spontaneous flow between love & creativity. They interact & empower each other. Love makes us creative, forcing us to behave and do things in a different way, helping us to show who we are in every little detail dedicated to that person that we love. Scented candles & flowers for that intimate dinner, coloured ballons & surprises for a birthday party, a memo at work congratulating colleagues for their commitment, a fun lesson, a handmade scarf, a hand-written poem, a dish that we haven´t cooked before... Through these actions we reveal our genuine effort and we express our feelings for the person that we do it for.

We can be creative & loving in every field of our life. By doing it we will enjoy the energy brought into existence by that action. It will also add a special value to our actions.

If we look at it that way, who is not a potential artist? What are you an artist at? ;-)

Modello di figura per la scena