In transit

She used to perform ‘Bewitched’ at every party, standing up right next to the piano, holding always the eternal Champaign glass in one hand and her delicate golden pipe in the other. She didn’t have Ella’s sweet swing or Lauren Bacall’s elegant spell but she was beautiful and still so young… She could have learnt so much, given so much, felt so much more… However, she was so selfish every minute and she loved herself so very little! She chose to get lost and like that she lost everything she could ever be.

Hers was not the best journey but touching the ground is a relief after being drawn by the in darkness for so long. Only then she realised that she couldn’t go any deeper or harm herself anymore. The only way was up but she couldn’t take any exit. Pain lasted forever. Fear only a second.

From there she went to transit, wandering around again in the middle of a gray and unknown wet silent mist. She was on her own, looking for other paths, other places, hoping to find something better at the next destination, wherever it might be.

And at some point, in the middle of that limbo, the hope becomes certainty all of the sudden and she can see the end of the path clearly knowing that there, waiting for her, is the peace she is longing for.

Only then, when tasting that certainty, they greet her smiling with their deep almond-shaped eyes, wrapped in saffron and light with naked and wide open cinnamon arms, brimming with love and immense kindness, transcendent and pounding.

They embrace her, they tell her that all is fine the way it is, that there is a reason for everything, that she knows the way and only needs to follow her heart, the same heart that leaded her to her home, the place where she belongs. She is safe now. She made it. There is no music or noise, neither pearls nor laces. Here there is only a harmonious & great silence that covers everything, still leaving space for every single thing. She is sure about it now: this is home.
She cries overcome by emotion with tears of happiness because she finally gets to feel peace. There are no more doubts, no fear or pain. Just another chance, a new path to discover and those smiles guiding her forever…




    in a young girl's path
    ahead and behind her”


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