Summertime invites leisure, rest, relax, changes, adventure even… May of us can have a break at any time of the year; summer, however, seems to be the ultimate holiday season.

It is very necessary & healthy to stop on the way & gain some strength to keep on going fresher afterwards. Those diaries full of activities & duties reach our longing resting period as a salvation time, as we will be able to forget about commitments to enjoy what we chose as our escaping plan. There, we will unplug from our daily routine to connect into our dream of joy & fun. Preparation, planning, the pleasure of anticipation, visualization of what we will experience… They are all survival mechanisms & basic motivational tools.

It would be truly wonderful not to wait every year to the summertime (or whichever time we are entitled to be off). It would be much desirable & highly recommended to be able to enjoy this kind of breaks every day, dedicating some of our time to recharge ourselves energetically, mentally, physically & emotionally by developing the activities that bring in a gain for us. That space should be sacred, untouchable; we should give it priority because it works as an investment in ourselves and it repays back every day, constantly. Like that we would feel the emotion for the anticipated pleasure & the motivation to keep going on a daily basis. That’s how we would not have to get desperate to summer or Christmas, because we would be dedicating every day some time to that type of leisure that generates pleasure, welfare & happiness.

It would also be healthy to dedicate some time every day to be alone with ourselves, without trying to be busy with other things. Just being there, doing nothing, developing awareness about what we've experienced & learnt, about the path we've walked & what the day can show ahead of us. At the end of the day, time of individual meditation.

Solitude it is not to me the sad & devastated space that some might say, but a place of my own where I can retreat to feel & think, to reconnect & be able to see my reality from a more peaceful & serene perspective. That’s how recreational space & chosen loneliness can become the same thing to me, and giving them space every day is a personal need, a priority of prime importance to my health & happiness.

This thought leads me into another concept of ambivalent connotations, and that’s retirement. I don’t see retirement as a Nirvana arriving with mature age at the end of a long period of work & efforts; it is not either the beginning of a new season when most of what happened before comes to an end. I understand retirement as a transition and I would like to retire a bit every day, dedicating time to those tasks that make me happy, being more aware of who I am and what do I want to give & receive, making my living through those things that I truly love. Like this, I would never feel like retiring completely. I would enjoy my job so much that I would always be happy to keep doing it at some level, as long as I have strength.

My expectations are located in short term goals that make me happy every day, so I can reach them, and this accomplishment drives me into dreaming with new objectives that start growing bigger as the time passes.

It is precisely during these moments of rest & longing solitude when I manage to see clear the colour & shape of my dreams. And that’s the reason why I choose to have that space every day. It is easier to enjoy the present moment like this, living here & now, without betting everything at one number only. I invest & win every day, with small risks, avoiding tricks. I simply have a better life like this & it makes me feel much happier.

So, what are you going to do during your holidays?




“One of these mornings you're gonna rise up singing
And you'll spread your wings and you'll take to the sky
But till that morning, there ain't nothin' can harm you
With daddy and mammy standin' by.”

Edwin DuBose Heyward

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