Rushing hour


Oh yes! We are all so busy always! Work, house, children, husband, ex-husband, boyfriend, cat, parents, siblings, friends, gym, yoga, Chinese lessons, cooking lessons, hairdresser, social networks, newspapers, volunteer work, cinema, facial mask, 7 hours sleep… And only 24 hours a day!

24 hours for every single one of us. 1440 minutes to be managed every day & to be allocated between all the obligations & activities that fill our diaries & our lives.

However we all at some point (some do it constantly) keep repeating that worn-out mantra ‘I don’t have time’. Excuse me? I have no time? Of course I do! I have exactly 24 hours every day. And I also have a very clear priority system (quite often unconscious), and here it is where we are not completely honest with ourselves neither with others. Because by prioritising, we choose what do we want to do with our time.

The line ‘I don’t have time’ is only an excuse which true meaning is ‘I choose not to give priority to this right now because I prefer to do something else with this time instead’. As simple as that. And that’s fine. We all do it, all the time.

That fake ‘I don’t have time’ tends to come together with rush. And multitasking. And stress. And not being present. And tiredness. And getting ill...

Like with our bank account, earnings, kisses, hugs, smiles or help requests each of us manages all these to the best of our ability. I have a look to how I did it, how I do it now, how other people do it too. And I wonder what is stopping us rom having a more genuine & spontaneous life, more pleasant & full. When did stress, rush & that fake lack of time settled in our life? When did we cover them with such an ostentatious & pompous importance? Who are we trying to fool? How is it possible that being so extremely busy has become a desirable pose? Even children have incredible agendas!

And while all that happens, others start ‘slow’ movements because they realise that high speed existence is leaving a dark trace on us.

Slowly, please, and more intense. More presence & stillness. That’s paradise to me.




“Spirits with six wings,
six straw spirits,
pushed me.

Six red-hot coals.

A bristling breeze was my dream
for the visible hopes
from the rapid turnings of the skies,
from the swift, spiralling towns,
rolling mountains,
sweeping seas, shores, rivers, wastes.

Pushes me.

The earth was an enemy,
because it fled.
The sky an enemy,
because it never stopped.
And you, sea,
and you, flame,
and  you
bristling breeze of my dream.

Six red-hot coals,
obscure the name and the faces,
pushing me hastily.
Stop me!
Stop me still, for a moment.

They did not want
Me to stop in nothingness.

‘The hasty angels’
by Rafael Alberti

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