Powerful words

Gramophone by Meghan Howland

Gramophone, by the young American artist Meghan Howland.

Language is creative. The words we use always have an impact and an effect on us and also on the people around us. There is always an implicit intention, motivation and energy behind every word we use, even when we are not conscious about it in most of the cases.

If I say to myself (or if others tell me) on several occasions 'You are so stupid! You are useless!', what's the imprint that starts building up in my subconscious mind? If I keep telling someone 'You are such a pain!', or even better 'You are the best!', what kind of message am I sending across with each repetition?

Even more, if there is an emotion such as anger, bitterness or frustration behind the words I use, even if I try to pick them carefully to disguise it, there will be an implicit energy flowing through and that vibration will reveal what I am feeling. That's how the other person will sense my anger, bitterness or frustration, or at least, she will be able to perceive the negative vibration, even if she is not able to identify consciously the specific emotion that lies behind.

Words are a wonderful communication tool & a great way to express ourselves. That's why we must be very conscious about the energy and the feelings behind them. One word is not the same as another. The choice is meaningful. Any person who works with language (writers, poets, translators, journalists...) can support this statement. Our task should be to become aware of how we talk, the words we use to express the things we want to say, the energy behind those words & the personal imprint we add from the feelings that create them.

If there are good wishes and positive intentions behind the words we use, then they are going to benefit us internally and also they will be of benefit to the people around us who are receiving them. This works the same way when we communicate in writing too. 

Language and the use of words play a basic role in our quest for inner peace, harmony, serenity & happiness, even when we don't notice it. We should express what we think & feel, of course we should. And we can do it bearing in mind that words will serve us better if they inspire, motivate, cheer up, if they deliver value & appreciation, even if we have to communicate something negative or unpleasant. With that implicit energy behind them, they will always be a balm, nurturing & nourishing our relationships, filling them with trust and closeness.

So, are we aware of the words we use in our daily communication? How could we do better? If you have any key, we would love you to share it here.


"I found the words to every thought
I ever had—but One—
And that—defies me—
As a Hand did try to chalk the Sun"

Emily Dickinson



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