Patient wait


And the love that loves the love that loves to love, by American artis Joshua Meyer.

I am more & more conscious every day about how much I have to learn in order to be in peace, to better myself, to reach the goal of living a calm life and to be happy.

Because I have loads to do, today I am focusing in a couple of little issues, just tow tinny details which are right now part of my learning. Both seem to become clearer to me these days and quite often, they arrive intertwined, just like two deeply devoted lovers: they are acceptance and patience.


Expecting, by Joshua Meyer.

Withdrawing the pain, falling asleep, meditating without effort, exercising, finding a loving partner, getting a promotion, changing jobs, gaining a pay raise, travelling to New York City, closing a deal, winning a client’s commitment, getting pregnant, receiving a phone call, obtain someone’s forgiveness, loosing weight, painting the flat, moving houses,…

I thought I was patient until I started realising one day that this patience of mine was only conditional. I could be patient, yes, but only if those realities were revealing according to my own rhythm & style, otherwise, I would feel overcome by frustration, anger & despair. This, my friends, it is not to be patient. This is just showing some patience only when the music plays my own tune. And my tune is not always the main one sounding.


Pause, by Joshua Meyer.

I am impatient when I want something now, here, without delay, or simply when I want it just when I want because that’s how I’ve planned it. So I don’t even think that this something that I want to reach also has its own rhythm & style different, very possibly to mine. If I really want it to happen, I would know to accept its needs too, being truly patient by leaving space for it to reveal.

So here we are all of us, interacting with each other and connected. That’s why quite often what I want is not only up to me but also to other people’s input. However, I strive to bring them into my field so I can get what I want without taking into account or respecting its own tempo.

I don’t realise that, on top of all this, Life has also its own pulse, one that beats tireless, with or without me & my species, making decisions at very deep levels. Levels so deep that, even if I was going through several conscious lives, I would still not be able to understand their ways.

As I found out a few months ago, my very first victory is to surrender to Life. To accept its pulse. To let it be. To display genuine patience. To trust that whatever is meant to be, it will be, and that whatever does not end up being, it is also meant to be that way. All is perfect as it is; it makes sense, at some point; and I always do my best. Trusting! What a beautiful thing!


Things so small, by Joshua Meyer.

I am more and more conscious every day, yes, a little bit more patient and much more open to acceptance. Trusting. Feeling calmer & more balanced, with my faults & weaknesses showing off sometimes, but always being more me, and as a consequence, being happier every moment.

So patience & acceptance are two of my subjects this year, once again. Which ones are yours?



"Never, never again?
Not on nights filled with quivering stars,
or during dawn's maiden brightness
or afternoons of sacrifice?

Or at the edge of a pale path
that encircles the farmlands,
or upon the rim of a trembling fountain,
whitened by a shimmering moon?

Or beneath the forest's
luxuriant, raveled tresses
where, calling his name,
I was overtaken by the night?
Not in the grotto that returns
the echo of my cry?

Oh no. To see him again --
it would not matter where --
in heaven's deadwater
or inside the boiling vortex,
under serene moons or in bloodless fright!

To be with him...
every springtime and winter,
united in one anguished knot
around his bloody neck!"

(To See Him Again,
by Gabriela Mistral)

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