Path to joy

It happens to me quite often that I opt for options having the inner feeling that actually those options opted for me instead. Does it make sense? It is like being at my favourite ice cream shop, seeing all those flavours at my reach. I don’t fancy all of them, maybe four or five get my special attention. As I’ve recovered the pleasure for playing, I get out my comfort zone by trying new flavours and when making the final choice, there is always one that talks to me louder than the others. So I make my decision & the world of possibilities displays itself for my eyes only. And everything clicks. Does it happen to you too?

Last year I joined a new training commitment related to education, inclusion, love as world’s driving force, widening & deepening sight, family & conquest of my own space both inside & outside my family (curious ones can follow the clue here. Onlyin Spanish, I am sorry).

During any learning experience I go through peaks of motivation & disappointment but after sealing the commitment I always choose to find the bright side even at the darkest edges (that's the way I am and it is something that I don't want to change about myself). The choice always adds a new piece to my own puzzle so the global image keeps growing bigger and I can see it from a clearer perspective.

We were fortunate enough a month ago to spend an intense & intensive weekend with a wise & loving woman who came from a mythical & far away land to share her knowledge & to help us expand our awareness (more clues for the curious ones).

As a good Angel does, she offers us backing, love & a magic recipe to reach happiness & stillness, the natural estate of our being. This recipe is a path of self-discovering, work & growth. It is a healing route and a treasure map. I’ve tried to capture it on the image that comes with this post and I would like to share a brief summary of it with you all.

1st step – SURRENDER
Give up fighting because the one who fights is disconnected from the source. Accept what it is means to connect back to life again.

2nd step – TAKE MY PLACE
When I surrender I occupy my own space. Order & healthy love comes with it. Nobody can give me my place. It is up to me to take it.

Where time & space do not exist separated because everything merges here. I am just another little particle of this wider net that I belong to.

Our Mexican Angel said that “to create is answering to the present moment” and also this: “where there is width, obstacles do not exist.” That’s creativity territory for us.

Only a grateful heart can learn & by learning we become naturally generous. That’s the path to abundance.

It is the consequence of travelling through the previous steps. Afterwards, when connecting to others I can sense that we are one and that we all belong.

Everything is perfect. We finally sense that everything is right the way it is. At this point, nothing is missing. There is no lack.

Our Angel told us that her aim was to explain the Master (third & last clue to the treasure’ hunters. In English finally!). Following his teachings, this path becomes the “seven steps to a successful solution”. Success here means “being ready to take the next step”. I thought it was the best definition of success that I’ve ever heard.

So the 7 steps are walked from bottom to top, following my drawing, being the final goal to reach the top of the mountain, the last floor or stage.

But, what if I feel that I am not achieving the success I long for? Why I don’t feel ready to take the next step?

Our Angel gave us the very last pearl at the end of our process together, just when she knew that we were ready to receive it.

Are you ready to hear about it? Do you want to know what is stopping you to reach success? Why are you not ready to take the next step?

“Success comes from the father”, she told us. “The one who does not achieve success is because he hasn’t held his father yet.”

So that is it. Each of us, if we wish & when we are ready for it, can embrace this possibility. At the end, we all have to build our personal path in our own. That’s what the journey is about.


"The memory of my father is wrapped up in
white paper, like sandwiches taken for a day at work.

Just as a magician takes towers and rabbits
out of his hat, he drew love from his small body,

and the rivers of his hands
overflowed with good deeds."

(Poem ‘My Father’ by Yehuda Amichai)

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