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'Rising star', by Paul Klee (source www.wikipaintings.org)

Today’s post comes full of echoes & contents, mine & from others, all juicy & fresh (most of them in Spanish only, I am sorry). There is no secret about the fact that life goes on; racing minds & intrepid hearts keep beating at their own rhythms while some speakers keep focusing on more partial & less empowering perspectives, ones that explain reality from a less inspiring point of view.        

I was lucky enough to spend my university years in a college that was an alive nest of creativity & committed enthusiasm. Not only was it located within the historic & mystic centre of a city with deep cultural roots, but it also was itself a throbbing building, suggestive & full of resonant echoes.

Walking through that large wooden door and being welcomed by the teeming patio was only the foretaste of a day that always felt driven by opening, discovering & learning.

I didn’t enjoy every subject neither every teacher with the same devotion, and that made my choice easier when I had to give up my scheduled classes in order to attend lectures given by special guests. I felt blessed for being able to see, listen to & feel so close bright personalities such as José Antonio Marina, Eugeniu Coseriu, Fernando Savater, Luis García Montero, José Saramago or the great José Martín Recuerda. I could see myself as the most fortunate person in Earth for having easy & free access to the presence of those high souls who were throwing darts to our conciousness. Those encounters were much more valuable to me than the mandatory classes that I was supposed to attend and I wished I could be examined on those learnings because I was sure I could deliver an amazing performance.

Each of those experiences left an imprint on me and all of them started to connect dots, building up the map of an unconscious route that was incredibly real & extremely powerful. Signs are there for those who wish to embrace them. And even when I never attained in that college many notes about how to manage in that outside working world, those voices were clear & pointing in one direction.

It was pretty clear to me that my future was not on the paved road; that I had no talent to become a potential civil servant; that the world was wider than that charming city with no sea, freezing cold in the winter & suffocating hot in the summer. I didn’t know where to go or how to get there but I could feel that I would get it by keeping my senses alert & focused on the signs around me.

Today we have tools & platforms so rich, useful & productive as TED. There are the great talents, ideas & dreams bubbling away like those others used to do at my college. Having TED in my life is also a blessing, a gift, a source of never-ending inspiration & possibilities. Being able to access all those talks given by knowledgeable people in all the matters, speaking to a global audience from microphones of all over the planet is for me a very rich experience. Why would I seat in front of the television in the evenings if I can listen to 
Sir Ken Robinson talking about creativity & education?

There are thousands of forums where such spirits have a place, just like in TED. There are millions of people all over excited about their ideas & able to add value. There are many dreams, projects & future plans becoming real here & now in every corner of the Earth. Loads of voices are speaking loud & clear at the stages where they have open access, promoting a culture of individual & corporate responsibility. I would never get bored of recommending & quoting the fabulous lecture by Fredy Kofman about life, freedom & awareness. What a wonderful proof of coherence & clarity! And while I am writing this I am surprised (not really) by discovering the last piece by a popular & polemic tv presenter in Spain @ristomejide, inviting us to stop looking for a job; instead he is encouraging us to create, to generate ideas, products & value. And nearly at the same time, to keep on going with the perfect serendipity, another enthusiastic & fascinating entrepreneur shares with me this amazing video which explains clearly & through a faultless style what is it that is happening to many of us today.

I watched a documentary on TV last weekend called Voces prohibidas (meaning 'Forbidden voices', and yes, sometimes TV is worth watching) showing how 3 women, social activits from different countries (Cuba, Iran & China), are using the internet to talk about their castrating reality. One of them is @yoanisanchez, telling how, when she leaves Cuba (now that she is allowed) spends nights awake absorving information from the web, watching TED talks, entering through those windows that are blocked at her Caribean island.  

Honestly, life will keep going and that is a definite & undeniable truth. Are we going to dedicate our finite time & energy bleating like sheep do, or are we going to roar like a Bengal tiger, investing our dreams & hopes in ways to create value? There is no half way really, no middle of the range attitude. Duck or condor, as someone said once. Sheep or tiger, as Sufi invite via Kofman’s speech. The choice is ours. 


Eyes that one day opened
to the light and then are blind
when they return to the earth,
sick of looking without seeing!


Out of ten heads, nine
attack and one thinks.
Never be surprised when a fool
breaks his neck wrestling with an idea.

(From Proverbs & songs, by Antonio Machado)

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