I enjoy writing and I love reading words by those who add architecture & genuine emotion to their message. I love staring at words and pronouncing them out loud, feeling their vibration in my brain & throat. I like making those words mine, allocating them an image, colour, flavour, volume, speed. I enjoy adjusting their contrast, brightness, tonality, bass & treble. I love experiencing them like I was their creator, leaving my imprint behind:

Winter, snow, wave, bubble, freedom, pancake, mermaid, emotion, silence, drop, bow, freckle, velvet, ice, sweet, soft, rebound, mesmerise, refresh, joy, memento, mingle, baker, sunrise, miracle, sunset, muscle, flesh, bravery, mystique, background, teacher, balky, bold, bombastic, darkness, sizzling, flake, maiden, smooth, shine, reflection, balloon, revival, silver, enlightenment

I embrace my fascinating language as my essential tool, always holding hands with English too. The three of us together create connections & linguistic realities that help me to see life & people from a juicier & higher perspective.

I enjoy sharing & listening, living along with my emotions, analysing my feelings in order to understand myself & others better. I nurture from continuous learning. The whole world has something new to teach me every day, every minute. I feel fulfilled when I am able to help from this point where I am. If happiness & success are a consequence of an inner connection with my core-self, with my deepest wishes, then I know that I am in the right path now.

Everything that I am & everything I enjoy doing I can experience by creating & managing this area of expression & reflection, dedicating it time, commitment & enthusiasm. I don’t know yet where it will take me. I travel on foot & only with the clothes I am wearing. My steps will be drawing my way.

“Walker, your treads are
the path only and nothing more;
walker, there is no path,
the path is made when you walk.       
When walking you draw your path
and when looking back behind
you see the lane that never
has to be walked again.
Walker, there is no path,
but only trails in the sea...”.

Antonio Machado (Proverbs & poems)


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Irishka says:

13/10/2012 - 01:32

Holy Toledo, so glad I clieckd on this site first!
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Gloria says:

25/10/2012 - 11:42

:D :D :D Thanks, Irishka.
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Rayonna says:

02/11/2012 - 22:02

This posting kconked my socks off

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