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Portrait of my affirmation of last Xmas. With loads of love.

I did not understand either why & how affirmations could work until I generate my own.

If language is creative and I design my reality with every step I take and every decision I make, then the words I choose to use are also important. If I repeat to myself a thousand times “I am useless”, I will end up believing that being useless is actually part of what I am and that affirmation will have consequences in my life. I will probably feel insecure, unable in some situations and I will show a constraining attitude towards myself.

An affirmation is any statement that I make, whether positive or negative. If I use affirmations consistently, they become beliefs and they will always produce results with an impact that I cannot even imagine.

- Life is wonderful
- Things are much easier
- I have everything I need
- I love my life
- All is well
- I will get there
- Today is going to be a great day
- I am here to be happy
- Abundance means to have what I need always

I can create one affirmation that I use every day as many times as I want, saying it out loud or thinking it to myself. I can generate different affirmations for different situations. I can work with one affirmation every month or create a list of inspiring affirmations, focusing in one each day. The number of times that I say or write an affirmation is really up to me and its power tends to increase with the increase in the number of repetitions, being also important to use present tense and to avoid words like ‘no, not’, concentrating on my intention & awareness when using it.

When I focus on these affirmations I am starting to change my way of thinking, my mental patterns. My inner voice immediately reacts to these new thoughts and it does it with enthusiasm or with rejection. If I sense rejection or laziness, then I say to myself: “Thank you for that message. However, this is a thought that I’ll be sending you many times, so get used to it!”
What I am feeling right here, right now, today, it is creating my tomorrow. This means that I am responsible for the quality of my reality. It means that enjoying or not my life is within my power. Pain will come, challenges & difficulties too, and I can always choose between bliss & suffering. I am in charge of my own life! 

I cannot afford to waste my time on negative thinking that only creates more of what I don’t want. If I am using positive affirmations and I am not getting the results I want, then I can check how often during the day I allow myself to feel bad, sad, frustrated or upset. These emotions are exactly the reason for delaying the manifestation of my affirmations and they are stopping the flow of my good.

We live in an unlimited universe. The possibilities available are far beyond what our human minds can imagine. The only thing that ever limits me is my own thinking. I waste my thoughts thinking of limitations when my thoughts are so precious! Every thought I think is creating my future. That's its power and its potential.

Each time I think a thought that makes me feel bad in any way, it becomes a wasted thought. Not only I’ve wasted an opportunity to think a positive thought and create a great life for myself, but I’ve added it to the pile of negative thoughts that bring uncomfortable experiences for me.

It is difficult to manage the quality of my thoughts because it means a mental resetting in order to install a brand new programming through a very powerful sense of awareness. But it is possible. Each thought is precious and I can learn to think positive affirmations. I can focus on the way I talk to others and to myself; I can modify the quality of my language pushing it into positive. The rewards will be stunning. The past has no power over me. Even problems have no power over me. My power lies in the thoughts that I choose to think today.

I choose to think that I am happy and fortunate, that I feel good, that I am healthy, that life smiles at me, that every day I learn something new, that the world is full of wonderful people. I can choose not to follow the news through the media and to get up every morning with a smile on my face. I can express my gratitude at every turn, love my body, be my best friend, nurture myself, look after me, listen to my inner voice. By my actions, I can become an example for those around me, especially for those children out there who could be learning from me, and all together we can create a happier and more fulfilling life.



My reward is that I get to watch day by day how my life turns into a joyous, loving, healthy & prosperous experience. I just have to train myself to think thoughts that make me feel good. Happiness always brings in more chances to keep being happy.

We can all create our own affirmation, that one that means something to us, using it when is right and as many times as we feel like it. So, do you have your own by now? You can share down below if you wish.



"Day and night
I always dream with open eyes
And on top of the foaming waves
Of the wide turbulent sea,
And on the rolling
Desert sands,
And merrily riding on the gentle neck
Of a mighty lion,
Monarch of my heart,
I always see a floating child
Who is calling me!"

(I dream awake, José Martí)

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