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Modello di figura per la scena


A few weeks ago I discovered through a friend (thank you, Ángeles) the video that I am attaching here for you. It is a real anecdote, a wedding proposal, a love declaration not only from this lad to his lady but also from all the friends & family members that became part of the surprise. I am sure that a smile & a tear will come out when watching it :)

Watching this video and feeling the emotion that it generates, I was thinking about two main values for human beings: creativity & love.

Sometimes we feel that creativity is only related to professional artists, those who make a living out of it, who are able to come out with an unique piece just by making use of their knowledge and the materials they have. They could be painters, sculptors, musicians, designers, architects, chefs... However, it is possible to be creative without being part of one of these trades. We can be creative on a daily basis when we decorate our home, when we get a present for someone, when we cook or even when communicating with others. We can imprint our personal signature on every action, giving our very special touch, our love & dedication.

This is when the second part of our equation comes into place: love. There is a magical & spontaneous flow between love & creativity. They interact & empower each other. Love makes us creative, forcing us to behave and do things in a different way, helping us to show who we are in every little detail dedicated to that person that we love. Scented candles & flowers for that intimate dinner, coloured ballons & surprises for a birthday party, a memo at work congratulating colleagues for their commitment, a fun lesson, a handmade scarf, a hand-written poem, a dish that we haven´t cooked before... Through these actions we reveal our genuine effort and we express our feelings for the person that we do it for.

We can be creative & loving in every field of our life. By doing it we will enjoy the energy brought into existence by that action. It will also add a special value to our actions.

If we look at it that way, who is not a potential artist? What are you an artist at? ;-)

"Fireflies in the cage

one by one they become


Ogiwara Seisensui

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