A great start

Casablanca's final footage.

It is difficult for me to explain the deep & joyful satisfaction I feel when me and one of my clients come to the end of their coaching process. When the process really closes down because the person has completed the rute, and without planning it, everything displays around towards an spontaneous, clear & coherent closure.

There are as many types of processes as people exist and each person is actually a wonderful & complex reality by herself. Start working together (she does it from her bravery, honesty & responsibility; me from my role of becoming her sincere, present & devoted companion) is like going on a rollercoaster, with that initial tickly stomach feeling as soon as I take a seat, even before the mechanism starts, before it takes me up & down through those impossible & twisted rails. I interpret that tickling as the emotion towards the unknown, towards those places that we will discover together, without knowing how long the trip is going to be.

She gets used to open, to talk about unrevealed realities some times, others about hidden & subconscious ones; to share truths that she felt as intimate secrets for a while; to put into words emotions that stayed latent but blurred due to their unspeakable nature, giving them shape & meaning, locating them on a shelf, organised now, visible, taken into account from then on.

I look for my space next to her, learning about her rhythm, her tone, her vocabulary in order to offer her my best in a respectful & ecological manner, so she does not feel distorted but comfortable & secure; trying to make the journey flow so at the end of each session, every time, even if the pain has touched her, she can leave feeling a bit better than she felt on arrival.

That’s what this personal development & self-knowledge work is about to me: gaining a little bit more of awareness every day, moving forward step by step, uncovering, opening, getting out, airing, stripping of layers, throwing light to end up understanding & rediscovering herself as a much more serene being, more complete, healthier & simply happier.

And how are these clients of mine! I truly admire them & love them! I feel them flagging & being moved, going forward & stumbling, questioning themselves & answering to their own questions with a great wish to understand, to find out, to learn & grow. Someone told me once that we get the clients that we actually need and I truly believe in that now, because every person I work with has so much to teach me that I can see that exchange between us as a magnificent fact, even magical, just like a wonderful move from fate, doing its own thing to get all happening.

When I devoted myself to this job 3 years ago, I could feel the strong call, meaning that I knew this job was actually my job. Today, and more and more each day that passes, I can feel the joy of being able to do my bit by helping others to be better. And that has an impact in the world. It is a privilege, an honour and a great emotion.

From here I want to thank all my clients their dedication & commitment, the level of trust they offer me & their enormous generosity of sharing so much beauty, so much light, all that shinning… Plus the shine that is still to come; because even when I don’t walk together with them anymore, that sparkle always gets to me somehow, in a thousand different ways. Our walk together is a great start. The processes finish, but those people will always walk along with me.

Thanks to you all, from the bottom of my heart. And congratulations.



“Forgive me for seeking you this way
so clumsily inside
of you.
Forgive the pain, at times.
It’s that I want to take out
Of you your best you.
That one you don’t see but I do see:
A swimmer through your delicious sea depths.
And to seize it
and to hold it high
as a tree holds the last light
it finds in the sun.
And then you
in your searching would ocme to the top.
To arrive there
you rise over you the way I want you,
barely touching your past
with the pink tips of your feet,
your whole body tense, now ascending
from you to you.

And then let my love be answered
in the new creature you were.”

(Poem by Pedro Salinas, from My voice because of you).

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