Great expectations?

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Not to expect anything or to expect as little as possible. That’s how I live at my best.

There are some circumstances when it is mandatory to expect something back but those are not actually as many as I think.

I should not expect you to call me just because I was the one calling you recently and I should not need you to tell me that you love me just because I told you before. If I call you, if I love you, if I choose to be faithful to you, if I support you in what you do, if I listen to you, if I get involved, if I say or attend, if I am part of it or I decide not to be it is because I want it that way, because I feel that’s what I really wish, without taking into account your needs & priorities. You might say that’s selfishness but to me it is simply the only way to be free, the only way, actually, TO BE. If I am expecting a certain reaction from you, I am leaving my peace of mind and my happiness in your hands, at your mercy, and I would live anchored in that child who strives for external affirmation, acceptance, attention, for being loved & looked after.

We all look for love and even when that child is still part of me, I am much more than that child right now. I am a conscious adult walking towards the balance that can be provided only by me. If I give to my own self the acceptance, the unconditional love, the reaffirmation I need, then I will not need ‘to beg’ for them out there. If I realise that I have inside of me everything I need, then I will receive as a precious & unexpected gift everything that comes from the outside and I will embrace it with gratitude. But I am already happy without it.

I free myself like that and I invite you to be free as well, giving what I want, what I have, what I can and I feel to give. You can also give me what you want, what you can, what you feel and I will treasure it with care if it is of any good to me. Now I know that everything I need is within me and also that the more I give, the more I have. So as far as I am concerned you can free yourself of unnecessary responsibilities, emotional dependences and fruitless attachments. I am not going to ask you for anything.

My only aim is to be myself and I truly wish you to be as well. Like this we will always enjoy each other when meeting on the way. But if you still choose a different path I wish you the best of the journeys. Who knows if maybe one day we would see each other again at that point where all the roads lead to…

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