A game of cards


If I really want something I do what I can to get it. Maybe I don’t do everything I can or at least not always because I like to balance things by taking the circumstances into account. Then if it has to be, it will be and if it doesn’t happen then I believe that’s the way it is meant to be. I don’t manage all the playing cards, only the ones I’ve been dealt.

I don’t know everything about you or about anyone but when looking into your eyes when we met, when listening to what you had to say, I did it objectively, not only hoping. That’s how I knew your look was saying much more than your words and that those which were due to come would arrive elated and magnificent some day. Meanwhile, the light in your eyes was saying what you were keeping quiet and I was listening, happy and simply knowing. Knowing what you were and what you would never be. Knowing the luggage you were dragging in your suitcase with wheels, knowing what was a burden and what was essential. I never wanted to change you and the same with you about me. We accepted each other the way we are, from respect and true friendship. I don’t need you to be me, however I am a better person because of you. I don’t need a contract to reinforce or even endorse any of our projects in common. I just need to hold on to that look every now and then and to breathe deeply to remember (sometimes I forget because of the rush and the longing to live more and faster) that everything is clear and that it is fine the way it is.

I know which cards I’ve got and that the game rhythm doesn’t depend on me only, as we are many playing. I am not in a hurry. I am only eager and certain that we are going to win this game. Playing like this makes a difference, obviously.

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