CV or not CV?

Photo by Gloria García Ordóñez


‘Your CV should show what you are doing and not what you’ve done’. That was a heavy thought that I heard from @Yoriento at one of his talks about social media. A few days before, @acapulco70 stated in one of her posts ‘throw away your CV’.

Who am I? What do I do with my time? What do I truly want to achieve? Where and how do I want to be? What do I put on my CV or bio? How do I introduce myself here today?

We must find a way to make our living, for sure. Getting up early in the morning, fill the day with useful tasks and then consequently receiving a payment at the end of the month or after issuing the relevant invoice. To work = to produce + to be paid for it.

So, if your alarm doesn’t go off at 7 o’clock every morning,
If you enjoy reading & listening to the radio in bed while you take notes and draft ideas,
If you sit at the terrace to develop a thought,
If your daily tasks are yoga, meditation, a walk by the sea, sharing a cup of tea or a glass of wine with a dear & wise friend,
If you spend hours reading & reflecting with Miles or Chet’s trumpets, Billy’s voice or the Buddhist's mantras vibrating in the background while you analyze, write, & internalize ideas,
If you give your time to events for free! to interact with others & exchange knowledge, feelings & ideas…
If you do all that then forget about even thinking that all that you are doing is ‘working’, there is no way that you can fit in with the ‘productivity’ concept of that ‘real’ world out there. There is not a place for you in it. Or, is there?

Working is much more than producing and receiving a payment for it. Working is being present, it is acting according to a purpose. Working is establishing a consistent step forward line of growth. Working is being where I want to be every time. Working is being and being alive, existing. That’s why I understand that each task I dedicate myself to, whether I receive a payment back or not, is a piece of intimate & deep work which nurtures my human-being roots and makes the plant that I am grow strong, stable & healthy, blossoming & bearing fruit when the time is right. And we know that growing, ripening & bearing fruit takes time…

Money, material things are only one way of rewarding. There are many other ways & they are essential too. Without them life can be gloomy & pointless.

I decided to see life from a different perspective, simpler, more ecological & respectful with my own being. I understood that living with less material things is possible when I have much more spiritual & emotional wealth. I can actually be happier too!

Who am I then? I am a person, a human being who breathes & feels. A woman who longs for growth & happiness, contributing with something valuable & genuine, interacting with her environment, respecting & loving. That’s how I want to find my place in this world.

From this virtual room I would like to share my vision, my mission, my doubts & my learning with the universe. Here you have your space too.

You are very welcome!


“… I know I will love you without questioning
And I know that you will love me without answering”.

Mario Benedetti (from his poem called ‘Welcome’). 

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