Changing seats


There are so many things -and so useful & beautiful too- that I’ve learnt thanks to coaching!

One of the first lessons I took in -one that I actually keep in mind every day- is the ‘comfort zone’ concept. It is relevant to every single one of us, it doesn’t matter how we are or where do we come from. Why? Because we all have our very own comfort zone.

The comfort zone is that area which is familiar to us. We know how to move around, where everything is, what to do in every occasion, and all this gives us some kind of control feeling, as it seems that everything is at our reach and that our power to act can get everywhere within that area. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

However, things get tougher when that comfort becomes uncomfortable, and this always ends up happening at some point. Because we might start feeling demotivated about it, it turns up boring, lacking attractive or becoming a burden. Human beings need motivation & a clear goal to keep going, so if those two start fading, then we experience unbalance in our lives.

That uncomfortable feeling can also be caused by something or someone external to us that introduces a change which has a direct consequence in our homely zone. If we are not too keen  on it, our foundations will also totter.

Life is constant movement. The Earth moves around the Sun, the Moon around the Earth, tides dance following the Moon, fishes follow the tides, fishermen go after fishes and that’s how everything keeps going tirelessly, all over.

We stop loving or someone stops loving us, we get bored of a job or we are fired, we decide to apply for a promotion or feel pushed to get training into something new to keep giving our best in our position… When we don’t make the decision of promoting a change, life takes care of us by using its own cards. And we are all taking part on this game, always.

So whether we like it or not, sooner or later we have to get our foot outside our soft comfort zone to face adventure within a new place’ abyss, one that it is actually even more fascinating: our ‘learning zone’. As we can find in many places, it is the one ‘where magic happens’, or following Neale Donald Walsch quote, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

Because we are new & inexperienced here, we stay alert, with all our senses open, paying attention to what’s around, how it unfolds, what’s happening. And this is how we learn & better ourselves. But at the same time, we manage to extend our comfort zone. So more magic on display! The more I dare to leave my comfort zone, the bigger it gets and, as a consequence, the wiser I become. Isn’t it great?

That’s why it is worthy to change our usual route when going out walking, running or driving to work; or to try a new flavour when visiting our favourite ice cream shop; or even ordering something different when going for dinner, and that's to choose only some familiar and easy-access examples.

I don’t watch much television so I do feel blessed today because I turned it on at a funny time to find out this wonderful ad, which becomes a perfect example of all these that I wrote about.

What a bliss to be brave enough to change seats, perspective, scenery and generous enough to share the knowledge with others afterwards!




“What is known I strip away,
I launch all men and women
forward with me into the Unknown.

The clock indicates the moment—but what does
eternity indicate?

We have thus far exhausted trillions of winters
and summers,
there are trillions ahead, and trillions ahead
of them.

Births have brought us richness and variety,
and other births will bring us richness and variety.

I do not call one greater and one smaller,
That which fills its period and place is equal
to any.”

Song of myself,
by Walt Whitman. Section 44

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