Being happy


We all have tasks or activities in our lives that bring us joy, pleasure, satisfaction or welfare. Dedicating time to them means to create for ourselves a constant flowing source of happiness & enjoyment. Some of these activities can be quite sophisticated, not very affordable or they might require quite a lot of planning. In the other hand, there are others that are nearly always at our reach, available, at easy access. However, do we throw ourselves into them? How much time & energy we dedicate to them? How important is for us to make that sort of investment? What's the price we pay for not doing it? 

There are things that fill me up with joy so I like to do them as much as I possibly can (some of them would depend on the weather and the time of the year). Simple things that I can fit in my everyday life. They definitely make a difference between striding trough my day or walking it step by step, enjoying the journey. 

When it is warm, as it is now, I love sitting on the terrace with my cup of tea to watch the sunrise; walking barefoot around the house and on the beach; feeling the waves breaking against my legs; enjoying that fresh-cool sensation every time I get in the sea; looking at it from the shore feeling that time doesn't exist at all; floating on my back within the tides while I look at the sky, letting myself be soaked by the sun; listening to the sound of water flowing constantly in the background; eating fresh food & seeing many color ingredients on my plate; reading for hours without feeling my hands getting cold; sitting outside with my people, chatting & laughing, cooking together while sharing a glass of good wine or a nice cold beer; playing with children and asking them a thousand things just to hear their amazing answers; talking to strangers for a bit, learning from their way to see life; driving through secondary roads with the windows down, feeling the outside genuine smells & temperature; singing; watching rom-coms at home to laugh & cry at the same time, without worrying about who could be seeing me and what could they think; sitting in the shade to write; travelling, visinting new places & tasting their flavours; waiting for my lover to come back home from work every Friday and get a little surprise ready for him, something that will make him smile; waking up without any hurry and getting up also slowly, when I feel it is the time to do it; having candlelits dinners under the starry night...   

What a bliss to have them all in my life, discovering them as my sources of health & pleasure, being able to devote myself into them with all the consequences! 

There is a very popular & socially accepted routine: being very bussy, connected 24/7, moving from one duty to the next one without letting ourselves feel if that is actually what we love doing... But all that ends up seeding in us a root of discomfort that pushes us away from our long-awaited happiness. 

Of course we 'must' comply with our duties. But we might also be able to let ourselves feel if we do what we truly want to do, and also if what we are doing is bringing us the joy & welfare that we are longing to achieve. 

We might 'have to' ask ourselves some serious questions or introduce small changes & subtle innovations in our daily routine. It might be dead easy to include some of our pleasant tasks into the super accurate & very well organised tasks lists that we build up at the beggining of every week, those that we keep reviewing & modifying as the days pass. Maybe we can allow ourselves some more pleasure & maybe these pleasant activities 'must' become first an obligation in order to see them later as something inherent to our way of living.

So, think about it for a moment: if you were getting them in the shape of a prescription given to you very seriously by that doctor or professional that you trust the most, what would your prescription be? 


"When I heard at the close of the day how my name had been receiv’d with plaudits in the 
still it was not a happy night for me that follow’d;
And else, when I carous’d, or when my plans were accomplish’d, still I was not happy;
But the day when I rose at dawn from the bed of perfect health, refresh’d, singing,
ripe breath of autumn,

When I saw the full moon in the west grow pale and disappear in the morning light,
When I wander’d alone over the beach, and undressing, bathed, laughing with the cool
saw the sun rise,
And when I thought how my dear friend, my lover, was on his way coming, O then I was
O then each breath tasted sweeter—and all that day my food nourish’d me more—and the
day pass’d well,
And the next came with equal joy—and with the next, at evening, came my friend;
And that night, while all was still, I heard the waters roll slowly continually up the

I heard the hissing rustle of the liquid and sands, as directed to me, whispering, to
For the one I love most lay sleeping by me under the same cover in the cool night,
In the stillness, in the autumn moonbeams, his face was inclined toward me,
And his arm lay lightly around my breast—and that night I was happy.

Walt Whitman

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