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Last week I did not upload any post. I had a few intense days, loads happening at different levels, and I did surrender to the possibility of re-arranging my priorities in another way. It meant some inner fight to finally giving in to being flexible, living every moment as it came. I was so glad to do it that way! Firstly, because I was able to learn loads and also because I had the opportunity to discover that some of you are missing my words, which is already a gift in itself. 

Some of the things I’ve been learning about during the last few days interest me deeply. Thanks to the interaction with very dear friends, I was fortunate enough to access this knowledge, sharing with them or through them these learnings. Pilar and the energy, Ruth and mindfulness, Miguel and the equation love-health. Thank you all for opening doors with your generosity.

I want to share today some of those ideas that I’ve been working on & learning about. They are all related, as per those wonderful causalities of life serendipity.

Where do I start?

I will start at the beginning & with the end of everything for me: happiness. We come to life to be happy and we achieve that through love. Love to oneself, love to others, love to life and to everything that is contained within it. Love is the first and the only recipe to attain happiness. In order to love, we need to live in the present moment, here & now. If I am scared about a past that does not exist anymore and I live in the expectations of a near future that is not here yet, then how am I going to be happy? It is impossible that way. In order to be happy I must live in the present as it is this present that makes us free.

Mindfulness is the ability to live in the present moment and meditation is the more efficient way to practise it; a tool available to any of us. To meditate, to be present, I don’t have to do anything. Nothing is required from me. I just have to be & relax. If my mind strikes with unaware thoughts I simply let them go holding onto my present. That’s how I can meditate in any situation: while cooking, driving, cleaning, reading, walking… The key is to live being aware of any of these actions as they occur, fully dedicated to them, without any rush, with no purpose other than cooking, driving, cleaning, reading, walking…

98% of the problems that we say or think we have are happening only in our mind. They are not real because they are not happening yet, therefore, they don’t exist in the present moment, just in our mind. We simply anticipate them, we create them in our head first and then we surrender to that mental illusion, transforming it into an issue that does not exist yet in our reality. That’s why there is no enemy outside myself. I am my own worst enemy. I give my mind the power when required and what my mind really needs is direction & discipline. I can reach both through mindfulness, via meditation.

However, meditation can be not enough if afterwards I devote myself to harmful thoughts, if I feed myself with unhealthy food, if I keep a sedentary life or if I spend time with people that burden me. Thoughts, diet, physical exercise & people are all realities that pervade my life creating imprints. Depending on their quality, their imprints will have a nature and a series of consequences on my living, so I must be very conscious of it as it is always my own choice, a product of my individual responsibility. I choose to think if I am or not able to do something, I choose to eat chocolate every day, I decide to give up yoga or walking on the beach and I also make the choice of meeting again & again with someone who leaves me without any strength. Am I aware of all this?

So our mind needs direction & discipline and by meditating or when practising yoga I am inviting it to give in through position or body movement, breathing & mindfulness. If I extrapolate this to any other life situation, happiness becomes a reality that I can experience every day, every minute. And if any part of it seems to be tougher when managed, then I simply accept, as acceptance is already a solution.

Tulku Lobsang told us the other day during a wonderful workshop that we all have a life but not all of us appreciate it as such. He kept saying that we are running out of time, that we must hurry up this shift to a mindful way of living before it is too late for us. So, are we going to let time be wasted or are we going to live our life consciously, here & now, from this very moment?



“You are carrying me, full consciousness, god that has desires,
all through the world.

Here, in the third sea,
I almost hear your voice: your voice, the wind,
filling entirely all movements;
eternal colours and eternal lights,
sea colours and sea lights.

Your voice of white fire
in the universe of water, the ship, the sky,
marking out the roads with delight,
engraving for me with a blazing light my firm orbit:
a black body
with the glowing diamond in its center.”

(Poem Full consciousness, by Juan Ramón Jiménez)

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