Romeo & Juliet, by Russian artist Olga Simonova.

Even when many people feel it that way, life is not a torture neither a path of suffering. Life is not constant fighting or required striving. Life is tough sometimes but above all it is a wonderful adventure that keeps surprising us in every step of the way.

Live is betting, taking a risk, falling over sometimes, getting up, going back on track, stopping for a rest, enjoying, feeling emotional, loosing & winning, learning, growing up, loving, giving & receiving. Living is to achieve our own space, to conquer inner peace and, as a consequence, happiness. A troubled soul would never be able to reach a state of bliss. Her path would run through looking to her own inner being with compassion & patience, forgiving, surrendering & loving loads & intensely. That’s how she will get flooded by that peace that spontaneously comes from genuine & deep acceptance.

Sincere forgiving, living & receiving to experience balance, accepting & loving unconditionally… These are concepts that we all seem to understand rationally or intellectually. However, fitting them in our own self makes a huge difference. Applying them to ourselves & practising them on a daily basis: that’s the challenge involved in fully living.

This task is all about attitude. Attitude. Another word of accessible & clear meaning to our clever minds.

Our attitudes towards life are the result of our beliefs & values. Together, they make us display certain behaviours that will always have a consequence for us & four our environment. If they are good for us, then they will be positive. If they are bad for us, they will be negative.


Give it a try and replace the above equation’ ingredients with numbers. Get your own figures. There can be many & very high flairs but if attitude is low, our inner power is reduced to the minimum. Correct?

So the key is to develop a positive attitude towards life, which means to display an attitude that makes us good. Quite often this means changing our focus of attention & direct it somewhere else; maybe we might try different & new perspectives; we might also leave behind our comfort zone. Whatever we do, it will always be difficult or challenging at first, I agree. But it will also be exciting, thrilling & very enriching. And possible!

Because the good news are that beliefs, values, flairs & attitude are not definite foundations but malleable materials in our hands, available only to our own willpower.

The award would be that inner peace and ultimately, happiness. Is it worthy? Are we able to pay the price? That is the question.


“A pack of blessings light upon thy back,
happiness courts thee in her best array,
but, like a misbehaved and sullen wench,
Thou pout’st upon thy fortune and thy love.
Take heed, take heed, for such die miserable.”

(Friar Lawrence to Romeo. Act 3, scene 3
Romeo & Juliet, by William Shakespeare)

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