I am driving on the A7 (Autovía del Mediterráneo) from Málaga towards Marbella-Algeciras. Three lanes that run up hill for a bit and then, at one point, very close to the exit to Benalmádena Pueblo, the road hits a flat point where the Mediterranean is right in front on me, slightly to my left, looking peacefully blue, and the Mijas mountain range is on my right, powerful & modest. When the day is clear, which happens quite often, I can see Gibraltar Rock standing up tall & proud at the end, and slightly further on the distance, just before the horizon line, there is Africa waving at me like saying “Hello you! Here I am”. Then the Buddhist Stupa rises just there on the left, showing off its bright golden top.

Driving in the opposite direction is pretty spectacular too I must admit. Then the sea is on my right hand side, looking splendid as ever. I am at the top of the road and right in front of me, Málaga, but I can hardly see it because my eyes are stuck to those dark mountains, and in the winter months, Sierra Nevada appears, covered by radiant snow.

I come pass this point several times every week, and every time, if the weather is good and it is day time, I have what I call a ‘WOW moment’. I just look around me, seeing all that magnificent beauty, and I find myself smiling and saying “WOW!”, meaning “this is so amazing and I am so lucky to be part of it, to be able to enjoy it right here, right now, as it is”.

Life is wonderful but during those WOW moments being alive is the most amazing thing that it could happen to me.

When my lover is with me and we have to go through this road, he always drives so I can focus entirely on the view, staring attentive through the window, breathing deeply, smiling, enjoying the moment. My heart seems to beat heavily & faster and some how, it feels like if time stopped or at least slowed down a bit, so that moment lasts longer than it should in normal conditions.

I have other WOW moments that, thankfully for me, keep repeating constantly (plus new ones that surprise me nicely every now and then) but this one is a very simple & usual one that always overwhelms me. That’s why I wanted to share it with you today.

If you drive through that road, often or ever, and you feel something similar to what I’ve just described, think of me next time as you experience it, as I might be just behind you or next to you in the other lane. If you do know the road and never realised about any of these, please pay closer attention next time and enjoy the feelings. They might not be the same as mine but you will experience some for sure.

WOW moments make my day every day. Life would be grey & gloomy without them. I absolutely love my WOW moments so I keep practising on my senses to be alert making sure I don’t miss any of those gems.

It is about finding beauty in life’s simple things, so those things become an anchorage, a very strong support that keeps me cemented into the ground that is my reality. I can rely on it and it can save me at difficult times.

I wonder what kind of WOW moments you all have… Space for sharing down below. All yours. You are welcome.



“Ground. Nothing more.
Ground. Nothing less.
Let it be enough for you.
Because on the ground are your feet,
on your feet a straight torso,
on your torso a steady head,
and up there, on the forehead,
the pure idea and in the pure idea,
tomorrow, the key
-tomorrow- of the eternal.
Ground. Nothing more, nothing less.
Let it be enough for you.”

("The ground",
by Pedro Salinas)

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