What is esplinGo? - A dream

esplinGo coaching offers coaching in English or Spanish to people who are going through a mourning process. Pain is not something that you can choose, it simply comes, but you can choose not to suffer. So, what do you choose?

esplinGo started at the beginning of 2009 as a brand offering linguistic services both in English and Spanish. Translation, interpretation, copy-writing, proof-reading or teaching both languages privately.

The word esplinGo is formed by the root esp-, referring to the Spanish language (‘español’) and the English word ‘lingo’ that actually is slang term for ‘language’. The union of both expresses the union of the two languages that I work with. Union and mix always bring in wealth and growth which are two of my main engine strengths.

After many years searching through my personal process, coaching appeared in my life at the end of 2009 as a discipline which became a professional career, not only as a useful and amazing tool that was answering my questions up to then.

So I went through my training, then life coaching practices with real clients. In 2011 I started my adventure as a professional coach, truly believing in my skills and in the benefits that coaching brings into people’s lives.  

I have a dream: to become an autonomous and independent professional with mobile capacity and a clear idea on how to make projects come true. I am very enthusiastic about developing work that contributes to values and helps others. My sincere vocation is to work with people who want to be better, guiding them throughout their inner potential discovery so they can reach their goals. I start now to see how it all becomes real.

Do you have a dream?